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Diligent Advocacy Throughout All Stages Of A Will Contest

Circumstances that may give rise to a will contest include: ​

  • Undue influence — Where an individual attempts to induce the testator into preparing a will in which he or she will benefit.
  • Fraud in the inducement — Where an individual gives false information to the testator in an attempt to get him or her to execute or amend a will and the testator does so.
  • Fraud in the execution — Where an individual successfully convinces the testator to sign a will when the testator believes it is another document.
  • Lack of testamentary capacity — Where a testator did not have the mental capacity to execute a valid will.

Benefit From Our Litigation And Estate Planning Strengths

Barrett Kornitsky LLP provides exceptional representation to individuals in Massachusetts who are involved in the contest of a deceased loved one’s will. Attorneys Marc Kornitsky and Brian Barrett have developed proven strategies to attack or defend a will in the highly emotional context of a will contest. With their combined strengths in litigation and estates, the attorneys of Barrett Kornitsky LLP have successfully represented many clients in complex, emotionally difficult cases, delivering favorable results in an efficient manner. ​

Any will contest requires an experienced legal advocate in order to sort through various allegations, claims and relevant legal documents. Our firm has substantial experience analyzing the circumstances surrounding a challenge to a will to determine if a cause of action exists. Where one does exist, we will diligently advocate on our client’s behalf to ensure that a deceased family member’s legitimate interests are carried out.

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