There Are Always Solutions

Moving Swiftly To Contain And Resolve Shareholder Disputes

Our firm litigates cases pertaining to many types of disputes including: ​

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Failure to provide financial records
  • Breach of shareholder agreement
  • Minority shareholder freeze-outs

Ready To Defend Parties On Either Side

As a skilled business dispute litigator and experienced problem solver, Marc Kornitsky is sensitive to the dynamics involved when disputes arise between partners in a partnership or shareholders within a corporation. Marc Kornitsky has substantial trial experience representing litigants in shareholder disputes of all types. We recognize that disagreements among partners or between shareholders and corporate directors can escalate quickly and threaten to put the success of any business venture in jeopardy. We work to ensure that our clients’ business interests are protected when they must go to court to address a dispute.

​When engaged by a client, we commit to providing exceptional legal counsel and personalized service. We develop a comprehensive litigation plan, diligently work to perfect strategies  and favorably resolve disputes. With our considerable litigation experience and record of success, clients, opposing counsel and litigants respect our abilities.

Get A Proven Litigator In Your Corner

Ignoring shareholder discontent won’t make it disappear; delaying legal action may cause a simple problem to grow more complex. Our team will help you address your shareholder disputes quickly and effectively.

Contact our Peabody office to arrange your consultation with a skilled litigator. You can reach us online or over the phone at 978-532-0795.