There Are Always Solutions

Providing Comprehensive, Tailored Contract Services

Our firm handles a wide range of contract disputes, including those arising from: ​

  • Employment contracts
  • Purchase agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Nonsolicitation agreements

Equipped To Litigate Disputes And Facilitate Transactions

The attorneys of Barrett Kornitsky LLP possess a distinguished record of success in business litigation and substantial experience in meeting the transactional needs of our business clients as well. This combination of expertise and experience enables us to provide dynamic legal solutions to resolve the most complex contract disputes that arise for our clients. ​

We recognize the need to carefully examine a client’s particular circumstances to determine the ideal way to proceed. In certain disputes, we may be able to obtain a favorable outcome by utilizing commercial arbitration or other forms of dispute resolution. In one particular case, we successfully obtained an arbitration award of several hundred thousand dollars for a client when the opposing side had offered nothing.

When these avenues are unavailable, however, we are prepared to employ our considerable litigation resources to pursue a timely resolution in our client’s favor. By planning and executing a strategic litigation plan, we strive to place our clients in a position of strength and maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

As seasoned attorneys and problem solvers, we also assist business clients with the preparation of these and other business contracts. By drafting and executing the proper documents to accurately reflect our clients’ intent, we minimize the chances of disputes down the road that will require litigation to settle.

For Dynamic, Seasoned Counsel, Turn To Our Team.

Whether you need assistance with a contract review, draft, transaction or dispute, we are ready to assist you. Arrange your consultation with a knowledgeable Massachusetts attorney using our online contact form or by calling 978-532-0795.